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Combination move

When you move in combination, we fill our moving car with the estate of several clients - and thus we can offer a more favorable price. In these cases, the delivery date depends on our schedule for other transfers to and from that destination in Europe.

We always make sure to select the goods and store it safely in our warehouse until the next trip to that destination.

VIP relocation

Our VIP move is the solution that contains everything you need. We take care of everything, from the proper packing of your trinkets in moving boxes to the special transport of your antique piano.

In addition, we also offer full service at the point of arrival, where we unpack and set up both TV and curtains so that your new home abroad is ready for you when you arrive.

Priority relocation

If you would like to have full control over the process of moving, then you should consider our priority relocation.

This solution is especially popular when there are other things that need to be taken into account at the point of arrival. Here you decide the delivery date to that destination, which makes it much easier to get the delivery to fit in with your other plans.


In connection with a move, a temporary storage of the garden is often required. We offer several different solutions and we have the facilities to store your things in a good and safe way. You decide whether you deliver your own household at our warehouse or if you want help with collection.

*Transfer insurance is free and you get 1 month free of charge at a minimum of 2 months of storage.

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Our customers say:

"Unbeatable relocation from Cambridge in England to Copenhagen. Everything was packed and moved with utmost care and professionalism. In addition, Torben is always nice and kind to talk to, and is a man you can trust. I would give Torben and his company 6 out of 5 stars if I could, and would highly recommend him to anyone who should move within the EU."

Thomas H

Wow - what a move.

Everything has gone absolutely amazing - we have been very happy with the work you have done for us. All the way back from tendering - level of information - precision and punctuation - your foresight when a sudden strike broke out in France - to the final delivery in Madrid, to which we have moved permanently."

Helle and Fernando

"Always super professional, safe packing, cozy atmosphere while it stands on, all agreements adhered to, delivery and setup to everyone's satisfaction."

- Helle Macmillan Kay

"I have had the pleasure of moving with Taggaard Movers twice - to and from Spain. Taggaard is an effective, safe and very pleasant partner in the process; Torben is in control of the logistics and all the details. I would definitely recommend Taggaard Movers for international relocations in Europe."

- Magnus Bach